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Play purchased content from different accounts

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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 05/06/2013

Certain downloaded content from the PlayStation®Store is governed by Network Digital Rights Management (NDRM). NDRM will only allow the original Sony Entertainment Network account that purchased the game to use the download. This means you will not be able to play the downloaded version of NDRM enabled content if you are not logged in with the sign-in ID that purchased the title.

NDRM ONLY applies to the downloaded content purchased from the PlayStation Store. NDRM does NOT apply to the retail Blu-ray DiscTM version.

  • Under NDRM, to play the title: You MUST be signed in to the PlayStation®Network using the same sign-in ID that was used to purchase and download the title.
  • You may NOT play the title if you are logged in with a different sign-in ID, even if you are on the same PlayStation®3.
  • You can download games on up to 2 different PS3 and/or portable systems and videos to 1 PS3 and up to 3 portable systems, just as any other PlayStation Store title, however:

    1. If you have logged in and played on one PS3, you must wait 24 hours before you can play on a different PS3.
    2. You must log in using the same sign-in ID that was used to purchase and download the game if you are attempting to play on another PS3 system.
  • If you wish to play using a different sign-in ID on the same PS3, you may purchase a 2nd download NDRM "license" (purchase the game again from the PlayStation Store). Once you have purchased the content using the second sign-in ID, the store will prompt you to download the title again. At that point cancel out of the download and start playing using the copy that was downloaded with the first Sony Entertainment Network account.

Please see the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement for additional information regarding NDRM with PlayStation Network titles.