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[PSP® system / PSP®go] Updated 05/06/2013

Using the RSS Channel feature, you can access Real Simple Syndication (RSS) distributed content, such as video, news clips, commentary and radio on your PSP system. Please refer to the following sections for information on using the RSS Channel, including adding, playing and saving RSS channels and content.

Note: PSP online connectivity requires internet service and network devices, such as a DSL or cable modem and a wireless router - for example, a Wi-Fi hotspot at a café or a wireless local area network (WLAN) in your home.

To add RSS channels:

  1. Make sure your PSP system is set up for Wireless (WLAN) networking Infrastructure Mode. For more information, see Setting up Infrastructure Mode.

  2. Turn on the WLAN switch on the PSP system so that the PSP system can connect to the internet.
    Click here to find out where the WLAN switch is located on the PSPgo / PSP system.

  3. If necessary, open the slot cover on the PSP system and insert Memory Stick media. The PSPgo can save directly onto the built-in flash memory.
    Click here to learn how to insert Memory Stick media into a PSPgo / PSP system.

  4. Start the PSP® web browser:
    • Highlight Network icon (Network) from the home menu.
    • Then select Internet Browser icon (Internet Browser) and press the X button.

  5. Open a web page that contains RSS-distributed content.
    RSS-distributed content such as news video, commentary, and radio is widely available on the internet.

  6. From the web page, select the icon for RSS-distributed content, and press the X button.

  7. When the confirmation screen appears, select Yes and press the X button.

  8. The channel will be added to the channel list and will be saved on the Memory StickTM media or built-in flash memory (PSPgo).


  • When you are connected to the internet, your PSP system automatically updates the list of items available on the web pages you have added to your channel list.

  • You can access and play music/audio or movie/video content or view photos/images that are provided in a format that complies with RSS version 2.0, such as content available for "podcasts."

  • Depending on the web page, icons such as the following may appear to indicate RSS-distributed content.

    RSS content icons

    The images shown here are samples. Actual icons may differ.


To play or view RSS content:

  • Streaming RSS content:
    You can play streaming RSS music/audio content in real-time or you can play RSS music/audio content previously saved to your PSP®. For details, see playing RSS music and audio.

  • Saved RSS Content:
    You can access RSS content saved to your PSP system anytime without using an internet connection. When RSS content is saved, a folder is automatically created for each RSS channel under the different content folders, such as MUSIC, VIDEO, or PHOTO, on your Memory Stick media. Once saved, RSS content can be accessed from your PSP system just like any other music/audio, movie/video or photo/image files.


To save RSS content:

You can save content items from channels in your channel list on a Memory Stick media. Saved items can be played without using an internet connection. For more information, see Saving RSS Content.


To use the RSS Channel options menu:

  1. With the channel list or a content item displayed, press the Triangle button to display the options menu.

  2. From the options menu you can view information, delete a channel, or perform other operations.

  3. Select a menu item and press the X button.


To quit the RSS Channel:

  1. Stop playback of the RSS content item.

  2. With the channel list displayed, press the O button.
    Note: The connection to the internet will remain active after quitting RSS Channel. To disconnect, turn off the WLAN switch located on the left side of the PSP system.