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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

The Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 includes advanced features which can be used specifically with the PlayStation 3. The advanced features are:

  • User Action Indications on your PlayStation 3's TV monitor
  • Notifications of headset status on your PlayStation 3's TV monitor
  • High-Quality (HQ) mode
  • Desktop Mic Mode
  • Low battery warning

Please note to use these features, you must have system software version 2.50 installed on your PlayStation 3 and pair the headset using a USB cable (and NOT by pairing it using the Bluetooth connection). Click here to download and install the latest version of the PlayStation 3 system software.

The advanced features of the Bluetooth Headset will not work on any other device other than the PlayStation 3. For additional information please click here to read the manual for the Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3.

About High Quality (HQ) mode

The headset’s High Quality (HQ) mode enables wide-band wireless voice communication with the PlayStation 3. It uses the headset’s dual-microphone design to enable proprietary PlayStation 3 system-based noise canceling, and provides better radio-frequency interference rejection when it is on than when it is off.

  • By default, HQ mode is on when you first pair your headset and PS3 system.
  • HQ mode and noise cancellation features are only available for the PS3, and not with other Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones or devices.

To turn HQ mode on or off

  1. In your PS3 system’s home menu, go to Settings icon (Settings) > Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings) > [Manage Bluetooth® Devices].
  2. Select the headset from the list of registered devices, press the triangle button, and then select [Information] from the options menu.
  3. Go to High Quality (HQ) Mode.
  4. Select On or Off.