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[PS3™ system] Updated 11/26/2013

With the PS3, you can attempt to manually remove a stuck disc.


If you can't see the video above, the steps are outlined below for CECH-2001A, CECH-2001B, CECH-2101A, CECH-2101B, CECH-2501A, CECH-2501B, CECH-3001A, or CECH-3001B model PS3. This process will work even if your system has no power.

Make sure you have a small Phillips-head screwdriver with a shank (the end of the screwdriver) is at least 1 inch long.

Screwdriver image

  1. Turn off the PS3 and unplug the AC power cord from the wall.
  2. Turn the system over and open the screw cover.

    Screw cover diagram

  3. Completely remove the screw cover from the system by carefully pulling the cover straight up away from the system.

    Remove screw cover

    Remove screw cover 2

  4. Insert a small Phillips-head screwdriver into the hole that the screw cover was inserted. Not the hole that has the blue screw. You may need to push through a paper dust cover located just below the surface of the case. This will not void your warranty.

    Insert screwdriver

  5. Once fully inserted, rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise to eject the disc.

    Turn screwdriver

  6. The disc will eject from the disc slot on the front of the system. Rotate the eject mechanism until the disc is fully ejected. It may take several turns before the disc appears from the disc slot.

    Disc eject

Other things to try

  • Touch the eject button on the PS3 system front for 10 seconds or longer to force the disc to eject. After removing and before reinserting a disc into the PS3, turn off the system, and then turn on the system again to resume use.
  • If the disc cannot be inserted, you may need to send your system in for service, please click on the service link below.
  • Under no circumstances do we recommend you open the PS3 to remove the disc yourself. Doing so will void the warranty and the PS3 may not be accepted for service. If the stuck disc is a rental, we recommend notifying the rental store that the disc is stuck.

Disc is still stuck?

If after trying these steps and the disc is still stuck, you will have to send your system in for service. Click here for service instructions