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Use Parental controls on the PlayStation Network

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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

There are two levels of parental controls available when using a PS3 system on the PlayStation Network:

  • PS3 system
    The PS3 system has security features that will restrict local content (i.e. digital content stored on the hard disk drive and content on storage media and discs including games). See Parental control settings for the PS3 for details.
  • PlayStation Network
    A Sony Entertainment Network Master account holder can restrict associated Sub Accounts' participation in the PlayStation Network using parental control settings, such as limiting access to PS3 game content when such content is accessed on the PlayStation Network. See Parental control settings on the PlayStation Network for details.

For example, what if your child tries to play a PS3 format game disc that is rated higher than his age on the PlayStation Network?

  • If the PS3 system has parental settings that prohibit this game from being played, it will also prevent gameplay on the PlayStation Network.
  • In addition, if your child's Sony Entertainment Network Sub account has age based parental settings, it will also prevent gameplay on the PlayStation Network.

NOTE: Neither the PS3 system nor the PlayStation Network level controls regulate PlayStation and PlayStation 2 format games.