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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/29/2013

Question: What is the best setup for my PlayStation Eye Camera?
To get the most out of your PlayStation Eye, you should make sure it is centered above or below your TV screen (whichever position is closest to the player’s shoulder level) and facing the same direction as your TV. Then set your PlayStation Eye to wide-angle mode by twisting the lens to the left (the blue dot). Avoid set ups where the PlayStation Eye is tilted up or down, unless instructed to for a specific game.

Q: How do I calibrate my PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye Camera?
Every PlayStation Move game requires you to calibrate your motion controller and PlayStation Eye at some point before beginning gameplay. Some games also require very brief calibration steps before starting each level of the game. Every game has a different calibration approach, but keep these general steps in mind when prompted to calibrate:

  1. Stand or sit where you plan on playing with your motion controller. Make sure it is a location where you can clearly see your TV and the PlayStation Eye. Calibration begins after you launch your PlayStation Move game from the XMB, usually just before or just after the game’s Main Menu screen. 
  2. Keep the motion controller pointed at the PlayStation Eye, and then press and hold the Move button until calibration is complete. Follow the on-screen instructions that tell you where to point the motion controller and which buttons you must press to complete the calibration process.  During calibration, some games will display live video from the PlayStation Eye and tell the player where to stand or instruct the player to mimic the movements that are demonstrated on the screen.
  3.  A confirmation message should display on the TV screen when the calibration process has been successfully completed.

Q:  Can I use the DUALSHOCK 3 for PlayStation Move games instead of the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller?
  The Navigation Controller was designed to work in tandem with the PlayStation Move to provide ease of motion for Move games and is also safer to use in movement.  We do not recommend using the DUALSHOCK 3 controller for playing PlayStation Move games.

Q: Why do I have to calibrate my PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye Camera from the same location where I’ll be playing?
It’s important to calibrate while standing or sitting in your playing location. If you calibrate close to the TV and then step back, you can cause issues by traveling into completely different lighting or possibly going off camera.

Q: When playing a game, what is the best distance from the PlayStation Eye Camera for me to hold the PlayStation Move motion controller?
Ideally this position is five-to-nine feet away from the PlayStation Eye, although the working range for the camera to track the motion controller is two-to-ten feet.

Q:  How do I know if my PlayStation Move and/or PlayStation Eye is working properly?
First, check to make sure that each individual item is set up and working :

PlayStation Move

  • Make sure that you have paired the PlayStation Move to the PS3 using a USB cable.
  • Make sure that the status indicator light at the base of the PlayStation Move is lit (little red light.)
  • Try to navigate the PS3 XMB using the PlayStation Move.  Press and hold the T-button and gently point the move to the left, right, up, or down.

If you are able to navigate the XMB using the PlayStation Move, the controller should be working properly.

Don’t worry if the sphere on the PlayStation Move motion controller is not lit up while you view the XMB. This is normal. The sphere should light up after you launch a PlayStation Move game and begun actual game play. 

PlayStation Eye

  • Make sure the PlayStation Eye is connected to one of the PS3’s USB ports and is receiving power.  If your PS3 is turned on, there should be a blue light lit on the PlayStation Eye.
  • Under the PS3 XMB Settings icon (Settings) Icon, navigate to Accessory Settings icon [Accessory Settings] and press the X button icon button.
  • Navigate to Camera Device Settings and press the X button icon button.

If you are able to see an image of the area the camera is pointing at on the screen, then your PlayStation Eye is working properly.

Q: How does room lighting affect PlayStation Move gameplay?
PlayStation Move is very robust and works under a range of lighting conditions, but it is very important to keep in mind certain lighting conditions can negatively impact your gameplay.

Your room does not need to be dark in order for you to properly use PlayStation Move, but it is important to check that no direct bright light or sunlight is reflecting onto the motion controller or the PlayStation Eye Camera. This type of lighting can overpower the LED light in the motion controller’s sphere, making it difficult for the PlayStation Eye to track your motion controller’s position. Backlighting (strong light from behind the player) should also be avoided. Set your lighting like you would to watch TV or a movie: minimize the amount of light, direct sunlight, and glare for the best possible viewing and playing conditions.

Q: What else may affect PlayStation Move gameplay?
 Objects or people obstructing the view of the PlayStation Eye can cause issues with motion tracking, resulting in sluggish and unresponsive gameplay. However, if someone or something passes in front of the PlayStation Eye very briefly during gameplay there won’t be any issue.

Finally, if the PlayStation Eye is placed on a very shiny surface, it might see reflections, and that could cause a problem as well.

Q: What do I do if the PlayStation Move doesn’t work properly?
Make sure that you have calibrated your PlayStation Move to the software title. If you are in the game, press the SELECT button on the PlayStation Move to calibrate the controller to the game.

If the PlayStation Move still does not work properly, you can try resetting the Move Controller. On the rear of the controller, you can press the reset button using a thin-tipped object (such as a pen or paper clip.)