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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 01/14/2015

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) is committed to all players having a good online gaming experience.

Reporting Inappropriate Behavior through your PlayStation Console

If you have received an inappropiate message that violates the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service, you may submit a grief report through the XrossMediaBar (XMB) on the PS3 or through the Message App on the PS Vita.

Top To submit a message grief report through the XMB on the PS3:
  1. Sign in to the PlayStation Network.
  2. From the XMB, Go to Friends, select Message Box and press the X button icon button.
  3. "Received" should already be highlighted, press the X button icon button again to show your messages.
  4. Use the d-pad on your controller to select the offending message, and press the Triangle button icon button to open the Options menu.
  5. Press down on the d-pad until you highlight the last menu item "Grief Report" and press the X button icon button.
  6. After reading the information onscreen, tap "OK" to submit the report.
Top To submit a message grief report through (Group Messages) on the PS Vita:
  1. Sign in to the PlayStation Network.
  2. From the Home screen, tap on (Group Messaging).
  3. Tap the conversation from the Messages screen.
  4. Tap on the offending message.
  5. Tap (Options) in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  6. Tap "Submit Grief Report".
  7. After reading the information onscreen, tap "OK" to submit the report.

Additionally, within certain PlayStation®3 titles, you may press the "Select" button and report abusive or inappropriate action to moderators.

Reporting Inappropiate Behavior

If you would like to report a PlayStation Network user that is in violation of the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and you are unable to do so through your console, please follow the process below.

Please be aware that SCEA will NEVER approach users online via chat for password or personal information. Additionally, SCEA will never offer guaranteed spots in upcoming betas or other promotions in exchange for personal information in game or via chat. Users who may ask for this information are not authorized by SCEA to do so and we would advise that you report these suspicious PlayStation®Network users. If you are signed-in to PlayStation®Network, click here to report suspicious users. Before you may file a complaint, you must sign in with your Sony Entertainment Network account on that page.

If you have support-related concerns, please visit our contact options page for a convenient way to get in touch with us.

Additional Information

As a reminder to our seasoned gamers, and to inform new users, we offer these guidelines for safe gaming that will help keep your account private and secure.

  • NEVER share your account details with anyone, especially online.
  • Select a strong password to protect your account (include alpha, number, and symbol characters if possible).
  • Make sure that the answer to your "secret question" is not something that could be guessed easily.
  • Be sure to log off from your account anytime you use a PlayStation® product that is not yours, or anytime other people might use your PlayStation product.