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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013


PlayMemories is a free application for PS3 systems that can be downloaded from the PlayStation®Store.  This application can be used to view image files and multi-angle photographs on any television.  PlayMemories can also display 3D images on a PS3 system that's installed on a 3d television.  On a standard television, 3D images will be displayed in 2D. 

Downloading & Installing PlayMemories
ImageGo to the PlayStation Store.  Select the "Media" category and press X.   Scroll through the icons in the Media section of the PlayStation Store to find the PlayMemories icon.  Select this icon and press X to download and install PlayMemories on a PS3 system. 

View Photographs
Launch PlayMemories from the XMB and then select "View Photographs" from the application main menu.  The next screen will show the photos that are found on the XMB along with a few sample 3D, panoramic and multi-angle photographs which are installed along with the application.  Press the RIGHT or LEFT directional buttons to browse through a thumbnail gallery of available images.  Press the UP or DOWN directional buttons to sort images according to date/month/year  Select a thumbnail and press X to view the image at full screen. 

Icons appear above thumbnail images for the following types of photographs:

Image 3D photographs
A 3D television is required to view these images in three dimensions.  On non-3D televisions, these images will appear two dimensionally.  Select a 3D image and press X to view it full screen.  On 3D televisions you can press the SQUARE button to toggle between 3D and 2D view of these images.
Image Multi-angle photographs
Select a Multi-angle thumbnail and press X to view the image full screen.  Press the SQUARE button to toggle between standard and multi-angle view of these images.  In Multi-angle view, you can tilt the SIXAXIS wireless controller left or right to change the viewing angle.  

ImageAbout Panoramic photographs
Panoramic images are images that are so wide, they cannot fit on your television screen when viewed at their full height.  If you select a panoramic thumbnail from the View Photographs menu, press X and wait for a few seconds, the view will zoom in to show the full height of one area of the image and then pan from left to right across the width of the image. 

Import Photographs
Select this option from the main menu to import image files that are stored on an connected USB storage device. 

Select this option to view the menu that allows you to adjust setting such as music volume, slideshow speed and more.  

Online Instruction Manual
Please view the PlayMemories online instruction manual for additional information about 3D images, multi-angle images and other application features.  Follow these steps to view the online instruction manual for PlayMemories:

  1. Select the PlayMemories icon from the Photo portion of the XMB and then press the X button to launch the application.
  2. Select "View Photographs" from the PlayMemories menu and press X.
  3. Press the SELECT button to view the Help menu that displays application controls. 
  4. While viewing the application control diagram, you must press the Square button to go to "Online Instruction Manuals".  
  5. Select "North American/Europe" and press X to view the English language manual for PlayMemories. 
  6. Press the CIRCLE button when you want to close the online instruction manual. 

PlayMemories Studio

PlayMemories Studio is a new application which allows you to edit your photos and videos and save them to the cloud.