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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 09/17/2014

Did you forget your password and have trouble logging into the PSN from your PS3, PS Vita, PSP or PC (Mac)? You can easily and securely reset your password directly on the Sony Entertainment Network website!

For security reasons, you will need to provide us with the birth date and have access to the email associated with your Sign In ID (E-mail Address). We wouldn't want just anyone to be able to reset your password without your knowledge!

Important: If you do not have both the birth date and access to the email associated with your Sony Entertainment Network account, this article will not help you. Please visit our Password Reset Hub to find the solution that will work for you.

Follow these simple steps to reset your password using your email and birth date:

  1. Click here to jump over to the Sony Entertainment Network's forgot password page.

  2. Enter your Sign In ID (E-mail Address) and Date of Birth. Image

  3. If you enter the information correctly, you will see a confirmation message like the one below, and click Continue.Image

  4. Click on the link in the email you received.Image

  5. Verify your identity by either entering your Date of Birth, or by answereing your Security QuestionImage

  6. Enter in your New Password, and then type it a second time to confirm, and click Continue.Image

  7. Once your password if updated, you will see confirmation on the Sony Entertainment Network homepage.

One more thing!

Now that you know your new password, be sure to update your log-in information on your PlayStation product(s) associated with your account.