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[PS3™ system] Updated 03/27/2013

Troubleshooting and Information Resources

For information on how to enable 3D output from the PlayStation 3, click here.

For 3D troubleshooting using the PlayStation Display, click here.

For SimulView troubleshooting, click here.

Important Notes:

Flashing Red Lights: If your display shows two flashing red lights, it will need to be returned for service. Click here for information on how to contact us.


Question: Does the PlayStation 3D Display come with a remote control?

Answer: No. However, any Sony television remote can operate the display (even old remotes for standard-def Sony televisions), as can most universal remotes (simply input a code for a Sony TV). The new Media/ Blu-Ray Disc Remote Control can also operate the 3D Display.


Q: Can I watch TV with the PlayStation 3D Display?

A: The PlayStation 3 Display does not have a built-in TV tuner. To watch TV, you will need to connect a television receiver (cable/satellite box, DVR, or over-the-air digital converter box) to the display using HDMI or Component Cables.


Q: How do I charge my 3D glasses?

A: Plug the included USB cable into the top of the glasses  (lift up the tab next to the power button), and plug the other end into your PS3. The power light will turn on when charging begins and turn off when charging is complete. Be sure the battery switch (located on the inside of the right arm) should is set in the "on" position.


Q: Will other 3D glasses work with the PlayStation 3D Display?

A: Active-Shutter glasses used with Sony Bravia TVs will work with the PlayStation 3D Display to view 3D content. However, they WILL NOT work with SimulView content. The glasses included with the 3D Display are designed to work with a variety of displays from other manufacturers, but glasses from other manufacturers are not supported for use with the PlayStation 3D Display.


Q: What games/movies are in 3D?

A: The list of 3D compatible games and movies is constantly growing, so it's advised you check the game/movie packaging to find out whether or not it is 3D compatible. A list of 3D-compatible games/movies that's current as of October 26, 2011 is available here.


Q: What is SimulView?

A: SimulView allows two players to view different screen images while playing the same game. (For a detailed explanation, click here.) To use this feature, the game must support SimulView, both players need 3D glasses, and you must be using a PlayStation 3D Display. This feature does not work on any other type or brand of display.


Q: Why is SimulView content not in 3D?

A: SimulView content is only displayed in 2D. Rather than sending a different image to each eye, the display sends one image to one set of glasses and a different image to the other.


Q: What games support SimulView?

A: As of 11/13/2011, only the following games support SimulView: MotorStorm Apocalypse, Killzone 3, Super Stardust HD, and Gran Turismo 5.
(Note: You will most likely need to download an update for each game upon starting it to add the SimulView feature.)


Q: I've set the PS3 and the game to input SimulView, but both players are seeing the same image. What do I do?

A: When SimulView is first activated, both players might find that they're seeing the same image. The second player will need to press, and quickly release, the power button on top of the glasses' frame to switch to the second player's image. Player 2 will immediately see a different image.

Note: For cutscenes, both players are likely to see the same images. This is normal.


Q: I'm playing a game with SimulView support, and my friend keeps pressing the power button on his glasses to cheat and see my screen. What do I do?

A: Tell your friend that they are a no-good dirty cheater. If that doesn't stop them, simply return the favor and cheat off of their screen.


Q: What do I do if I have damaged/missing parts or accessories?

A: Please contact your retailer for information on how to exchange your product for a new one.

If you've contacted your retailer and still need assistance with your PlayStation 3D Display, please contact our Consumer Services Department

Consumer Service Department
Phone: 1-800-345-SONY (7669)

View our Contacting Support page for hours of operation and additional ways to receive support.

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