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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

During certain troubleshooting situations, it may be necessary to restore all of the PS3 system settings to their original "default" configuration. This will restore the PS3 system software and information for the user that is logged in to default settings.

To Restore Default Settings :

  1. From the XMB home menu, go to Settings icon (Settings) > System Settings icon (System Settings) > [Restore Default Settings].

    Restore Default settings screenshot 1

  2. Once you select [Restore Default Settings], you will see a list of settings that will be restored.  Scroll through them and press the X button icon button to restore the settings.

    Restore Default settings screenshot 2

  3. After the operation is complete, you will see the initial setup screen that appeared the first time you turned on the PS3. You will need to go through the initial set up process before you can use the PS3.


The Restore Default Settings feature will erase any previously saved settings and restore all of the following settings to the default:

  • Game Settings
  • Video Settings
  • Music Settings
  • Chat Settings
  • System Settings

    This includes terms added using Settings icon (Settings) > System Settings icon (System Settings) > [Add/Edit Term], or predictive terms "learned" by the on-screen keyboard.

  • Theme Settings

    This includes the information about the image set as wallpaper under Photo icon (Photo). Also, theme, color, background and font settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Theme Settings icon (Theme Settings).

  • Date and Time Settings
  • Power Save Settings
  • Printer Settings
  • Accessory Settings

    This includes keyboard or mouse settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings). Also, Voice changer settings under Settings icon (Settings) > Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings) > [Voice Changer].

  • Display Settings
  • Sound Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Remote Play Settings
  • Network Settings
  • Internet Browser Settings

    This includes bookmarks, history, and settings added under Internet Browser icon (Internet Browser).

  • PlayStation®Network log in information

    This will remove the PlayStation Network sign-in ID and password for the user who is currently logged in.

Also, do not confuse [Restore Default Settings] with the [Restore PS3 System] option (the next option down on the menu). The [Restore PS3 System] will not only restore the default settings, but it will also delete all hard disk content. (You will lose all saved content from your PS3 system's hard drive if you use [Restore PS3 System].)

If you need to restore your video settings to default, please click here for instructions.