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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

This article contains Adobe Flash content that may not display properly in Google Chrome. If you don't see the Flash content below, please try to open this web page in a different web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Out of box Video Tutorial

Click to play video tutorial

Click above for a video walkthrough on connecting your PS3 to your television or display.

Reset video output settings

If you are attempting to change from a different video cable or if the video output settings do not match those required for the display in use, the screen may stay black. If the screen stays black for more than 30 seconds, you may need to reset the video output settings of the PS3. To do so:

  1. Turn the PS3 system off by holding the Power button on the front of the console.
  2. Then hold the power button on the front of the console for at least five seconds to turn the system on again. You'll hear one beep to indicate that the system has turned on and a second beep to indicate that the video output has been reset. The video output settings will automatically be reset to the standard resolution.

Component AV Cable Installation

Minimum Requirements

  • PlayStation®3
  • SIXAXISTM wireless controller (and USB cable)
  • AC power cord
  • Component AV Cable (for PS3) (sold separately)
  • TV or display monitor with component video/audio inputs
  • Updated system software installed on your PS3
    Visit PS3 System Software Update to download and install the most recent version.
  • TV "Input" or "Video" channel for the component ports
    You need to know the TV "Input" or "Video" channel for the component ports on your TV. For instance, if your TV has multiple "Input" or "Video" channels, (i.e., "Input 1", "Input 2", "Input 3", etc.), you will need to toggle through each "Input" channel on your TV until you find the correct channel that displays the component video feed (picture). This is important to remember, especially if you do not see the picture after you connect the Component AV Cable and have configured the PS3 settings. Please refer to the TV instruction manual for more information.


  1. Before you begin installation:
    • Turn OFF the PS3 using the [MAIN POWER] switch (in the back)
    • Unplug the AC power cord from the electrical outlet
    • Turn OFF and unplug the TV
  2. Connect the flat end of the Component AV Cable into the [AV MULTI OUT] port on the back of the PS3 system.
    line drawing of a Component AV Cable
  3. Now connect the other ends into the Component Inputs on the back of your TV.
    line drawing of component inputs
    • The red, blue, and green plugs should go into the Component VIDEO INPUTS
    • The separate white and red plugs go into the AUDIO INPUTS (white = left and red = right).
  4. Plug in the AC power cord by connecting one end of the AC power cord into the [AC IN] port on the back of the PS3 system and the other end into an electrical outlet.
    line drawing of AC power cord
  5. Press the [MAIN POWER] switch on the rear of the system. A red light should appear on the front of the system indicating power is available.
  6. Turn on the PS3 by pressing the touch-sensitive [On/Off button] on the system front. The red light will turn green, indicating the PS3 is now turned on.
    Note: The blue light will also appear on the front of the system if you have a disc inserted.
  7. Plug in the TV and turn the power on. Access the input channel on the TV (for example, "Input" or "Line" channel). The input channel will vary between different TV manufacturers. For Sony TVs, the channels are labeled as "Video" channels (i.e., "Video 1", "Video 2", etc.). Use the original remote control for the TV and try to locate the "TV/Video" or "Input" button. This should take you directly to the TV's input channels. For further assistance, please contact the TV manufacturer directly for details.
  8. Once the TV is tuned into the proper input channel, you should see a picture from the PS3 system on the screen (i.e., XMBTM menu).

Configure Audio Output Settings

The PS3 will automatically configure the audio output, however, if you have a home theater system, you may need to configure the audio output settings manually. See configuring the audio output settings on the PS3 for instructions.

Additional Help

If you have issues with the installation, you may wish to see Sound / Picture troubleshooting for a PS3 installed with a Component AV cable.