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About PS Vita Cards, Memory Cards, SIM Cards

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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 05/06/2013

The PS Vita is compatible with three types of cards.

Memory Cards

The first is the PS Vita memory card. Since the PS Vita doesn't have any built-in memory, it will need to use Memory Cards. The memory card is designed specifically for the PS Vita system and is used to:

  • Store games downloaded from the PlayStation Store
  • Store saved data for games
  • Store content such as photos, music, and video

The cards currently are available in four memory sizes and are shown below for reference:


Make sure to insert and remove memory cards only with the power off. Data could become corrupt if it isn't completely off. When inserting or removing a memory card when the PS Vita is on, the system will turn off automatically. If you remove the memory card before the PS Vita is turned off - it may cause corruption - which may freeze the PS Vita and require restoring.

Completely Power off PS Vita

It is important before removing the memory card, that you make sure the PS Vita is powered off by following these 3 steps:

  1. Tap the PS button to wake up the PS Vita.
    Vita Power button
  2. Press and hold the Power button (at the top left of the PS Vita game slot) until the "Power Off" screen appears.
    Vita Power Off screen
  3. Tap the RED "Power Off" button and the PS Vita will power off.
  4. Then you can safely remove your memory card or game.

IMPORTANT: After you sign in to the PlayStation Network on your PS Vita, memory cards used on the system will be linked to that Sony Entertainment Network account. This means, you can only use memory cards on PS Vita systems that have the same Sony Entertainment Network account linked to it. In order for a memory card to be used with a different Sony Entertainment Network account, the memory card will need to be formatted, which will erase all data on the memory card.

PS Vita Cards

The second is the PS Vita Card. The PS Vita card is designed specifically for software (games and other applications) for use on your PS Vita system. For some games, the PS Vita card can also store saved data and add-on items.


SIM Card (3G/Wi-Fi only)

The third type a SIM Card. A SIM Card is used by cell phones and other devices that operate on a mobile network. This is ONLY for the 3G/Wi-Fi models. For 3G/Wi-Fi models, the SIM card along with a data plan, allows the PS Vita to access mobile data networks. Meaning it can go online without Wi-Fi. SIM cards cannot be used in the Wi-Fi only PS Vita.


*You cannot use a UMD disc media, Memory Stick Duo™ media, Memory Stick Micro™ media, SD card media, or Blu-ray disc on the PS Vita system.

For more information on PS Vita cards, please refer to the user manual found here.