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PS Vita Touchscreen Doesn't Respond Correctly

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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 05/06/2013

If you are having problems with the front Touchscreen not responding correctly, try the following:

  • If screen (touchscreen) operation is enabled, check the following.
    • Are you wearing gloves? Are you using the tip of your fingernail?
    • Are you using a stylus touch pen?
    • Is the hand holding the PS Vita system touching the screen (touchscreen)?
    • Is an object sitting on the screen (touchscreen)?
    • Is the PS Vita system on top of a conductive object such as a metal plate?
      If the system is placed on an object that easily conducts electricity such as a metal plate, the screen (touchscreen) may react in an unintended manner. Try using it when it is removed from the conductive object.
      Screen (trouchscreen) operation is disabled for some applications or menus.
      Check the software manual of the application to see whether operation is enabled for places where the screen (touchscreen) does not react or reacts with difficulty.
  • If you are using a screen protector, we recommended that you use a the official PS Vita screen protector.
  • Start up the standard installed application Welcome Park and check whether you can perform normal operations using the screen (touchscreen).
  • If you still have problems, the system will need to be sent in for service. Click here for service information.