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Purchasing a PrePaid PS Vita AT&T DataConnect Pass

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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 09/14/2012

 Purchasing a PrePaid AT&T DataConnect Pass for the PS Vita is completed in 4 steps.

A PrePaid plan, means you pay the monthly fee at the beginning of the month before you can use the 3G service. If you exceed the data allowance for your plan, you can purchase another monthly data allowance and your 30 days will start over.

  1. Device Information
  2. User & Login Information
  3. Available Plans
  4. Terms of Service & Confirm Payment

Device Information

  1. Tap Image(Network Operator) on the Home screen.
  2. Click the Start button in Network Operator's LiveAreaImage
  3. Tap the Go to AT&T's website link.
  4. Choose DataConnect PassImage
  5. As a new user, tap the "Get Your Pass" link.Image
  6. Under Device Information, the IMEI and ICCID should be auto-populated. If you wish, enter a device nickname (optional).
  7. Scroll down and tap on the Select Location pop-up menu to choose the location where the device was purchased.ImageImage
  8. Tap Save.

User & Login Information

  1. Fill in your name and addressImage
  2. Scroll down and enter an email, password, and mobile contact number to create your accountImage
  3. Choose Consumer for the account type, and select your marketing preferences.Image
  4. Enter payment type, and fill in the subsequent form based on the payment option chosen (credit/debit card shown below), and Tap UpdateImageImage

Available Plans

  1. Tap the option for the plan you desire.Image
  2. Scroll down and tap the UpdateImage

Terms of Service & Confirm Payment

  1. Tap Accept if you agree with the terms of service.Image
  2. Scroll down and verify your device information, Consumer Information, Data Plan, and Payment & Billing Information, and tap the Confirm.ImageImage
You should receive a notification informing you that your DataConnect Pass is setup.

For information regarding canceling subscription autorenew, and other DataConnect concerns, please contact AT&T support at AT&T support website.