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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 06/20/2012

The Facebook application for PS Vita is available as a free download from the PlayStation Store.


To download Facebook:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Image PS Store icon.
  2. Tap Start in the center of the LiveArea.


  3. While in the "All" section of the game store, tap the "Apps" option.


  4. Scroll to the Facebook option and tap it.


  5. Tap "Download." Facebook will download and then install on the last available slot on the last page of your Home screen.

    Note: Although the file size for the download is 12MB, you must have 44.75MB of free space on your PS Vita to use the Facebook app.

    Image  Image

To use the Facebook application:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet over a Wi-Fi or 3G network.
  2. From the Home screen, tap the Image Facebook icon.
  3. Tap Start in the center of the LiveArea.


  4. Enter your Facebook login info. If you are a new user you will need to go to to sign up for Facebook.


  5. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to your Facebook feed. Time to tell all your friends how great your new PS Vita is!  



How to navigate the Facebook application

Navigation and data entry are performed with the front touch screen.

When you sign in to the application, or tap the Start option from the LiveArea, you are taken to your feed. You can get to your Facebook page by tapping your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

You can save time and go directly to your photos or messages by tapping the appropriate option in the Facebook LiveArea.