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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 05/06/2013

If you are having problems connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi on the PS Vita, please try the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. On the home menu, tap on Image (Settings) and check "Flight Mode" to make sure it is UNCHECKED.
  2. Go to Image (Settings) > [Network] > [Wi-Fi Settings]. Make sure that:
    • Wi-Fi is checked (turned on).
    • The access point has more than 1 bar (3 bars max).
    • If the access point is not secure, click on it to connect to the access point.
    • If the access point is secure, you will need to enter the Security Information.
      If you need to enter the security information, in Wi-Fi settings, scroll down to "Save Access Point Manually" and continue to Step 3.
  3. Select "Enter Manually":
    • Make sure you enter the router/access point name correctly (SSID).
    • Make sure you select the correct security method for your router.
    • Note: Passwords are case sensitive.
    • If you continue having problems connecting to the router, try and contact the router manufacturer to additional assistance.
  4. If you are having problems with an existing connection, go to Image (Settings) > [Network] and check the following:
    • Tap on [Internet connection Status]. If the signal strength is low, you may want to get closer to the Wi-Fi access point or try connecting to a different access point.
    • Tap on [Internet Connection Test]. If the Internet Connection Test is unsuccessful, your may need to try connecting to a different Wi-Fi access point.