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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

Over the past few months, many of our customers have been patiently waiting for an update regarding improvements in the performance of the sidetone feature for the Wireless Stereo Headset introduced during the PS3 system software update (v4.10). We are pleased to announce that with the release of PS3 system software v4.20, users will have full control over the sidetone feature.

For those of our customers not totally familiar with the concept of sidetone, here is a brief explanation regarding this feature and why it is helpful for the overall gaming experience. Sidetone is essentially a type of audio feedback, where sound picked up by the microphone is fed back into the earpiece of the headset. If the sidetone feature is not used, users are not able to hear their own voice in the headset, which may cause them to shout, causing the environment to become uncomfortable for those around them. When the sidetone level is too high, users may hear unnecessary environmental noise and therefore perceive it as static in the headset.  

Once the PS3 system software update is installed, there are a few easy steps that need to be followed to adjust the sidetone settings for the headset. Before following these steps, make sure to turn on the Wireless Stereo Headset by holding down the left side of the device.

  1. You will first need to enter Accessory Settings icon (Accessory Settings) under Settings icon (Settings), and then access [Audio Device Settings].


    SideTone 2
  2. At this point, you should see a screen which allows you to set the microphone level, the input device as well as the output device.    
  3. Scroll down to 'Input Device.' The input device should be set to the Wireless Stereo Headset. The key here is to note the OPTIONS button which appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen when the 'Input Device' is highlighted.
    Side Tone 4
  4. Press Triangle button icon to access the OPTIONS menu. Once this menu is opened up, you will see two features: [Echo Canceler] and [Sidetone]. Scroll down until the sidetone feature is highlighted and press X button icon to enter the controls menu for sidetone.
    Side Tone 5
  5. Here, you will have the option of turning off sidetone or adjusting it to one of five different levels. In order to test each sidetone level, it is crucial that you first mute your MIC by tapping the left side of headset once.

    NOTE: Once the MIC is muted, the LED on the MIC boom will change from blue to purple. You will also see a visual cue in the top right-hand corner of the screen indicating the MIC has been muted (Shown Below).
    Side Tone Mic
  6. Once the MIC is muted, select one of the five sidetone levels by pressing X button icon. Once you return to the Audio Device Settings Screen, try saying a few words and listen closely for feedback (remember to mute the MIC at this point or else you will hear yourself at full volume). If the selected level is appropriate for you, then go ahead and scroll to the OK button at the bottom of the 'AUDIO DEVICE SETTINGS' menu, and exit out of the 'ACCESSORY DEVICE SETTINGS' menu. If the selected level is either too high or too low, use the steps listed above to adjust the sidetone level as you see fit.
    Side Tone 6

    Side Tone 7

    NOTE: If you do not choose to adjust the sidetone settings, it will remain in its default position, which is 'ON' at level 3.
    We thank you again for your patience and hope this update improves your gaming experience.