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[PSP® system / PSP®go] Updated 05/06/2013

Ad Hoc mode allows multiple PSP systems to communicate with each other within a limited range. For example, if you want to play a game against someone else with a PSP® in the same room, use the Ad Hoc mode. Other things to know about Ad Hoc mode:

  • Ad Hoc mode lets you connect a PSP system to other PSP systems without having to set up a WAP (Wireless Access Point).
  • You can use Ad Hoc mode to play games with other PSP system owners.
  • You can connect up to 16 PSP systems for wireless play using Ad Hoc mode. Check the game box for number of players supported.
  • You can also use Ad Hoc mode to send and receive images from one PSP system to another.

To set up Ad Hoc mode on your PSP system

  1. Go to Settings icon(Settings) > Network Settings icon(Network Settings) and press the X button iconbutton.
  2. Select [Ad Hoc Mode] and press the X button iconbutton.
  3. Select the channel to use for communication with other PSP system(s).
    All participating PSP systems must be set to the same channel.
    • Automatic
      The recommended setting which automatically switches to the optimum channel for communication
    • Ch 1, Ch 6, or Ch 11
      Communicates using the specified channel
  4. Press the X button icon button to save settings.


  • In order to play games in Ad Hoc mode, each player may need to have their own copy of the game UMD™ in their PSP system. Some titles may support Game Sharing. Check the game box for details.
  • All PSP systems in an ad hoc network must have the same channel setting (Ch 1, Ch 6, or Ch 11) to connect successfully.
  • Selecting [Automatic] will connect with any of the three channels (Ch 1, Ch 6, or Ch 11).
  • To play games using Ad Hoc mode, the software must be compatible with Ad Hoc mode. See the instructions that came with the software for details.
  • An Ad Hoc connection will NOT allow you to connect to the Internet to play on-line games or update your PSP system. To perform a Network Update, or play online games, you will need to go through Infrastructure setup, and connect to a WAP that has Internet access.