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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 02/11/2014

Q: What happened to the Foursquare application on PS Vita?

A: The Foursquare app on the PlayStation®Vita has been removed from the PlayStation®Store, and the app will no longer receive future updates. For updates on new PlayStation Vita games, content, and apps as they arrive, please check the PlayStation Blog for future announcements.

Q: PS Vita supports 3G network connectivity, does this mean PS Vita will be sold through cell-phone providers?

A: AT&T is the exclusive service provider for PS Vita in the United States. To receive 3G service you will need a 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita and a DataConnect Pass plan from AT&T.

Q: What wireless 3G plans are available for the 3G/Wi-Fi model of the PS Vita?

A: The AT&T Data Connect plans are month-by-month and are not contract based, and all plans include complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot access in the United States. There are two plan choices:

  • 250MB for $14.99, 30-day recurring opt out, which starts at the date and time of purchase.
  • 3GB for $30.00, 30-day recurring opt out, which starts at the date and time of purchase.

Q: What are the advantages of choosing the 3G/Wi-Fi model of PS Vita? What will I get with it that I can't get with the Wi-Fi model?

A: With access to AT&T Broadband Network you can game with real-time connection, immediately socialize with your gaming community through news feeds, multiplayer game sessions, and compete for in-game achievements (Trophies). You can also stay up-to-date with continuous LiveArea news feeds, and cross-game text messaging with Party. 3G connectivity also benefits social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more, all optimized specifically for PS Vita.

PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model also includes GPS for the most accurate geo-location reading, giving you an advantage when using "near" in that you can interact when you're away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, whether you're scooping up new track parts for ModNation Racers or accepting a new lap-time challenge in WipEout 2048.

Q: Do all PS Vita users have to sign up with a cell phone provider?

A: No. Users can enjoy either model of PS Vita using only Wi-Fi functionality.

Q: Will users be able to access PlayStation Store from both 3G and Wi-Fi?

A: PlayStation Store can be accessed from both 3G and Wi-Fi network connections, though you'll want to reserve large downloads for a Wi-Fi connection.