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[PS3™ system] Updated 09/05/2014

Q: How can I get the best possible service from the application?
To get the best possible quality of NFL Sunday Ticket, you need a good and dependable broadband connection. Test the speed of your connection with an Internet Speed Test. If you are receiving over 700kbps per second down from your provider, then you should be able to see all video content at the High setting. You might also reset your modem and router to see if that helps establish a faster connection.

Q: What if I try to watch video but don't have a high broadband connection?
Unfortunately, you will not have much success watching live video, but you can see scores and statistics for the games along with seeing highlights (although the highlights will take some time to play out).

Q: What if my video and audio are not playing smoothly?
If your video service is not working well, it could be the result of a loose physical connection or unstable wireless connectivity, so it's always a good idea to check your connections. If you are having trouble with a wireless connection, try using a wired connection.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, the problem might be caused by high traffic on your local network or ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your bandwidth may be being used by another application. Downloading large files or using peer-to-peer applications while watching video, for example, may prevent you from being able to receive enough data to maintain a constant video stream.

Your viewing experience will be affected if our servers are unable to deliver data to your system quickly enough because of network congestion on your connection. Turn off any other programs or devices that are sharing your connection.

Q: The application crashed. What should I do?
Please try and close any other applications that you have running to ensure that there is enough free memory on your device for DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. You can also delete and reinstall the NFL Sunday Ticket application.

Q: I am having a problem with my account, who should I contact and how?
If you have an existing DIRECTV subscription or account, go to  login with your DIRECTV username and password.

If you would like more information regarding NFL Sunday Ticket, please refer to our general information article found here.