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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

To play PlayStation®2 format software online with the PS3 you need to:

Please note, only certain models of the PS3 can play PlayStation 2 software titles.

  • Verify Compatibility
    • Only model# CECHA01, CECHB01, and CECHE01 are backward compatible with PlayStation 2 format software titles, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. Click here to learn more about playing PlayStation 2 software titles on the PS3.
    • If you own a PS3 that is backward compatible, then click here to identify the compatibility status of a specific title.
      Note: the status of titles may improve as we continually update the PS3 operating system software, including individual game software updates, so be sure to visit this site often.
    • In addition, click here to read about backward compatibility issues and troubleshooting options.

  • Create Internal Memory Card
    1. To create Internal Memory Card(PS2) on the PS3, in the XMBTM home menu,
      go to Game icon (Game) > [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)] and press the X button icon button. 

    2. Select [New Internal Memory Card].
      Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

  • Create Network Configuration

    When playing PlayStation 2 format software on the PS3 computer entertainment system, the online features will not be accessible until a Network Configuration file is created on one of the PS3's internal memory cards.
    NOTE: Do not confuse Network Configuration data with the Internet Connection Settings that are found in the XMBTM home menu under Settings icon (Settings) > [Network Settings] in the XMBTM. Network Configuration is created specifically for online PlayStation 2 software and is stored on an Internal Memory Card.

    To create a Network Configuration:
    Network Configuration data can be created in two ways. Both require that an Internal Memory Card (PS2) must be created on the PS3 before Network Configuration data can be saved. Once you have created an Internal Memory Card on the PS3, use one of the two following methods to create a Network Configuration in the same way that you would on a PlayStation 2 system.

    • Start-up Disc
      A Network Configuration file can be created using a Start-up Disc that is included with a new PlayStation 2 systems (model 70000 and newer) and was also included with the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/Modem) (for PlayStation®2) (used on models prior to 70000). Refer to the Setting Up a Network Configuration Using a High-Speed Connection to create a Network Configuration (for PlayStation 2)

    • PlayStation 2 software
      A Network Configuration file can also be created using PlayStation 2 software that contains the network configuration wizard software. Refer to the PlayStation 2 software title's manual for information on creating the network configuration with that title.

    To verify a Network Configuration has been created:

    1. In the XMBTM home menu, go to Game icon (Game) > [Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)] and press the X button icon button. 

    2. The next screen will show all created Internal Memory Cards as well as the option to create additional Internal Memory Cards. Scroll down to the Internal Memory Card that contains the saved Network Configuration and press the X button icon button. 

    3. The contents of the Internal Memory Card will be displayed. If a file called "Your Network Configuration" is displayed, then you should be able to play PlayStation 2 format titles online with the PS3 system.

  • TCP and UDP Port numbers
    See TCP and UDP (firewall) port numbers needed to connect online with PlayStation products to make sure you've using the correct information.
  • Start Playing

    Once you've completed the steps above, insert the PlayStation 2 software title into the PS3, go to the online portion of the game and start playing!

    Only USB headsets are compatible for use with PlayStation 2 format software titles on the PS3.  You will not be able to use a Bluetooth headset with PlayStation 2 format software titles.