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[PS4™ system] Updated 11/17/2014

Learn how to control the PS4™ with your voice, additional tips, and troubleshooting.

Using Voice Control

For voice input, use a headset (included with PS4) or the microphones on the PlayStation®Camera. You can use your voice to perform operations on the home screen and even during gameplay.

  1. To use the voice recognition feature, there must be a check mark in  (Settings) > [System] > [Operate PS4 with Voice].
  2. Even if you are playing a game, you can say "PlayStation." This will display the microphone icon and the operations that can be performed next.
  3. After you've said "PlayStation" and the console has recognized your command, Choose the operation you want to perform from the action items that are displayed, and then say it. Some voice commands you can use are:
  • Home Screen
  • Take Screenshot
  • Log In
  • Netflix > Start (PS4 must be using System Software 1.70 or higher)
  • Hulu > Start (PS4 must be using System Software 1.70 or higher)

To start other TV & Video applications, simply say "PlayStation," "The name of the app you want to use," and then "Start."

Additional Information

  • Depending on the system language, English might be the only language available for voice input.
  • On the home screen, you can enable and disable the voice recognition feature with the L2 button on the controller.


Below are some helpful troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing difficulty with the PS4's voice recognition feature.

  • You should see the microphone icon light up blue during voice recognition. If it doesn't, check the connection of your microphone, headset, or camera.
  • Your voice might not be recognized if there is too much ambient noise in the background (fans, music, people talking, Mandrakes... ). In this case, the microphone icon will not light up blue, or it will light up blue but fail to recognize your commands.
  • Only the headset's microphone is enabled when a headset and a PlayStation Camera are both connected at the same time.
  • If you don't say an operation within 10 seconds the voice recognition option goes away.
  • Using the controller while the "voice operation" screen is visible will override the voice recognition option.