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Third party game support & contact information

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Updated 04/17/2015

To request support for a 3rd party software title (a game not published by SCEA), please use the contact information below.

For titles published by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), please

View our Contacting Support page for multiple ways to receive support.

2K Web Only
Acclaim/Entertainment 516-759-7800
Accolade (Atari)  
Activision Social and Self-help

24/7 Twitter Support Channel - Can be used for specific game related questions try contacting directly via Twitter.
Agetec 408-736-8001
American Technos 408-451-9552  
ASC Games 203-655-0032  
ASCII Entertainment 415-780-0800
Atari 425-951-7106
Atlus 714-852-2351
BAM! 408-298-7500
Bandai Namco 408-235-2222
Bethesda Softworks 301-926-8300
Black Label Games (Sierra)  
BMG (Take 2 Interactive)  
Buena Vista 1-800-965-5145
Capcom 408-774-0400
CodeMasters Software 646-432-6888
Conspiracy Entertainment 310-260-6150
Crave Entertainment 949-219-1199
Crystal Dynamics (Eidos Interactive)  
D3 480-517-4900
Data East 408-734-5770  
Disney Interactive 866-252-8108
Eidos 650-421-7670
Electronic Arts Go to for online support. If this fails to resolve the issue, there are options to contact support.
Electronic Arts (French Canadian) Go to If this fails to resolve the issue, there are options to contact support.
Empire 415-439-4854
Encore 310-719-2890
Fox Interactive 970-522-5369
Gathering 410-933-9191
Global Star 1-866-219-9839  
Gotham Games 410-933-9191  
GT Interactive 410-568-3650
Hasbro (Atari)
Hot B 415-567-9337
Ignition Entertainment 310-496-5758
Infogrames Entertainment (Atari)  
Interplay 949-553-6678
Jaleco 720-562-4263
Koei 650-692-9080
Learning Company 319-247-3325
Lego Media 800-366-6062
Logitech 646-454-3200 (US)
416-207-2782 (Canada)  
Lucas Learning Ltd. (Lucas Arts)  
Lucas Arts 410-568-3670
Mad Catz 800-831-1442
Magix Entertainment 305-695-6363
Majesco 800-826-0015
Mastiff 415-674-6615
Mattel 888-628-8359
Maxis (Electronic Arts)
Midway 858-450-8190
Mud Duck Productions 410-568-3685  
Myelin Media 410-568-3660
Namco Bandai Games 408-235-2222
Natsume 650-692-1941
NIS America 714-465-1763
Nyko Technologies 888-444-6956
Odd World
Oxygen Interactive 888-213-9375
PlayMates 714-428-2112
Radical Entertainment 604-688-0606
Red Mile Entertainment 415-339-4240  
Red Storm 919-460-9778
Red Octane 310-255-2050
Respondesign 800-930-6510
Rockstar 866-405-5464 (US)
800-269-5721 (Canada)
SCEA 1-800-345-7669
Sega 800-872-7342
Sierra 800-630-0811
Simon & Schuster 888-793-9972
Sony Online Entertainment 858-537-0898
Southpeak 800-732-5818
Spectrum Holobyte (Atari)  
Square Enix 310-846-0345
Squaresoft 310-846-0345
Take Two 866-219-9839
TDK 818-707-7063
Tecmo 310-944-5005
The Game Factory 877-404-4263
THQ 818-880-0456
Trion Worlds Inc. Web Only
Turtle Beach
Ubi Soft 919-460-9778
Universal (Sierra)  
US Gold (Eidos)  
Vivendi Games (Sierra)  
Warner Bros Interactive 410-568-3680
Westwood Studios 650-628-4319
Williams (Midway)  
Wizard Works (Atari)  
XS Games
Xseed 310-792-8899
Yukes Co.