PlayStation System 5.5 Release Updates

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Family Management - Play Time Feature

Play time management allows Family Managers (and adult family members who are appointed as Parents and Guardians) to manage play time on PlayStation®4 systems for child family members on PlayStation™Network. The family manager and guardians can allow a child to play for a set amount of time or within set playable hours. For more info see PS4: Play Time Management for Child Accounts.

Image of PS4 gameplay that shows child play time nearing end notification
Above is an in-game screenshot showing play time notification to the child.

Supersampling Mode on PS4™Pro Consoles

Supersampling enables those with HDTVs (1080p or less) to enjoy an enhanced visual experience when playing some games on a PS4™ system. With supersampling mode, games that render to a higher resolution when connected to a 4K TV will downscale to match the HDTV – allowing owners of a PS4™Pro console to leverage the benefits of an image clarity boost even if they don’t own a 4K TV. For more info see PS4 Pro: Supersampling Mode.

Updates to the Library

  • The Library is broken into two sections: what is installed on the system, and what is purchased on your Sony Entertainment Network account.

  • Games associated with your PlayStation®Plus subscription are now clearly identified.

  • You can hide purchased apps.

Image showing how to hide purchased content in the PS4 library

Quick Menu Enhancements

You can now quickly:

  • Access specific Friends in your custom list via the menu under the Friends tab in Quick Menu

  • Spotify® users can access shortcuts from the quick menu.

  • PlayStation™Now users can listen to your favorite tracks while streaming games.

Here's a quick list of other helpful updates:
  • You can now delete old notifications.

  • Import your own images to your PS4™ system from a USB storage device.

  • Customize your tournaments team page with your own team logo or background that you can import from a USB storage device.

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