PlayStation Vue: Available Features for Sports Fans

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PlayStation™Vue offers sports fans additional features. Read the information below to find out what features are available on which devices.

PlayStation™Vue Multi-view

Available on: PS4™ only

Multi-view is available for live programming only on while watching Vue from a PS4™ console.

Access and Setup Mulit-view 

Step 1: Once on a Live show, click the down button on the left directional button-set to bring up the menu. 
Step 2: Selecting the Mult-view icon will allow you to choose between two or three screens. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your set-up.


PlayStation™Vue Live Scores

Available on: PS4™, PS3™, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, PS

To find Live Scores for Live games, go to the Home menu (how to access varies by device) and look for the Sports content strand. The Live Scores are displayed on the game’s program tile. Live scores are turned on by default, but can be turned off in Settings.


PlayStation™Vue League Pages

Available on: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, PS

With League Pages you can see upcoming events for a league and see what games are coming up. Local and regional sports programming will vary by location and zip code. Some sports programming subject to blackouts.

Available Leagues 

  • NBA

  • NCAA Men's Basketball

  • NCAA Women's Basketball

  • NCAA Football (College Football)

  • NFL

  • NHL

  • MLB

  • Bundesliga

  • MLS

  • Premier League


Watch the short (38 second) video below, to learn more about the sports related features in Vue.

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