PlayStation Vue: Streaming and Your Home Device

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PlayStation™Vue made it easier to sign up from anywhere in the country and start watching right away, even when you are away from home. If you sign up while away from your home area, make sure to sign in within the first 30 days of starting your PlayStation™Vue subscription from your Home Area (zip code at purchase), in order to maintain your service without interruption. A single PlayStation™Vue account can support up to three Vue streams at one time and a maximum at five streams when you assign a Home Device.

Some restrictions apply, when traveling outside your Home Area. For more details about traveling and watching outside your Home Area read, PlayStation Vue: Watching Out of Your Home Area

Streaming PlayStation™Vue without a Home Device

Number of Simultaneous Streams

At sign up, you can stream up to three devices inside and outside your Home Area without assigning a Home Device.


  • You are limited to three simultaneous mobile streams on Mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets, Chromecast, and laptops watching Vue from web browser. 

  • Only one PS4™ console at a time.

  • Only one PS3™ system at a time.


Streaming PlayStation™Vue with a Home Device

Devices You Can Assign as a Home Device

  • You can use your TV-connected device/set-top box, with exception of the Roku players with PlayStation™Vue version 1.7. 

  • Through the PlayStation™Vue app on the web, you can assign a tablet or smart phone as a Home Device.


  • You cannot assign a Home Device outside your Home Area. If you attempt to do so, you will receive an error (5203) saying you cannot assign a Home Device outside your home.

Number of Simultaneous Streams

When you identify and establish a Home Device you get a maximum of five simultaneous streams in your home.
The five can be made up of:

  • Only one PS4™ system

  • Only one PS3™ system

  • You are limited to three simultaneous mobile streams on mobile devices, which include smartphones and tablets, Chromecast, and laptops watching Vue from web browser. 


  • Max of three devices outside your home. 

  • Max of three mobile streams total, inside or outside your home.


How Do I Assign a Home Device?

  1. Start from the device you want to assign as a Home Device.

  2. Go to Device Settings in the Vue app and select Set This Device.


How Many Times Can I Change My Home Device?

  • You can change the assignment of your Home Device up to three times. After the third change, your Home Device is set until the start of the next calendar year. You will maintain your existing five simultaneous streams.

  • For those internet providers that change IP addresses with every connection, you may get an alert message that you are outside your Home Area. If this happens, the alert will contain a method to fix your issue.




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