Troubleshooting Voucher Code and PlayStation Network Card Issues

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If you are experiencing issues redeeming voucher codes, including PlayStation® Store Cash, PlayStation® Plus and DLC (downloadable content), please start with the steps below:

  • Enter the code exactly as it is printed.

  • Check the code expiration date.

  • Try again later. Network issues may prevent the code from being redeemed.

If Your PSN Card was Purchased at a Retailer

Below are considerations that should be made if you purchased a PlayStation Network card at an authorized retailer.

PlayStation® Store Cash Cards and PlayStation® Plus Cards must be activated by the retailer.
Check with the retailer to make sure the card has been activated. Only a retailer can activate a PSN Card.

Cards may need to be redeemed by Sony Entertainment Network master accounts from the same region as the card.
PSN Cards may only be redeemable by Sony Entertainment Network Master accounts (i.e. not Sub Accounts) that share the same region.

Redemption Error Codes

WC-40377-1 - An error has occurred

The PSN Card was not activated by the retailer. Please take your PSN Card and receipt back to the retailer for activation. Only the retailer can activate a PSN Card.

The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entry.

Try re-entering the full 12-digit alphanumeric voucher code exactly as it appears.

WC-40376-0 - The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entry.

Try re-entering the code exactly as it appears. The country for the code may not match the PSN account. Check the code terms and conditions.

You cannot add the funds from this PlayStation® Network Card without exceeding the maximum wallet funding limit.

Redeem the PSN Card once the face value can be put into the Wallet. Partial redemption is not possible.

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