Top 5 Tips for Parents with a PlayStation 4

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1. Create a Family Manager Account for yourself and a Child Family Account for your child.

Having a Family Manager account on your PS4™ will allow you to control your child’s PlayStation® experience such as:

Set a monthly spending limit.

Age filter for online content.

Restrict communication with other players as well as viewing user generated content.

Visit How To Create a PlayStation Network Account for more information about creating an account and PS4: Family Management and Parental Controls to learn about crafting a safer environment for your child.

2. Protect your account with Passcodes and "Requiring a Password at Checkout."

Setting a passcode will prevent minors in your household from signing in as you and viewing and purchasing more mature content that Adult Accounts have access to.

Requiring password at checkout ensures that you must enter your PlayStation® Network password before the payment will be accepted.

Check out Enable password at checkout from PlayStation Store for more information.

3. Purchase PlayStation® Plus for online multi-player gaming and get a whole lot more.

A subscription to PlayStation Plus allows the PS4™ to play online with others, cloud saving storage, a selection of free games each month, and access to deep discounts on our store!

Click here to learn more about PlayStation Plus.


4. Download games directly from the PlayStation® Store or from your Library.

The PS4™ offers several options for downloading content purchased on the PlayStation® Store:

At the time of purchase, you will then see a screen of your purchased content where you can choose to download by selecting the downward pointing arrow next to the item.

From the PlayStation® Store, games you purchased on the PlayStation® Store replace the Buy button with a Download button. This prevents you from repurchasing content you already own.

From your Library, you can re-download games you purchased.

Check out Download PlayStation Store Purchases to the PS4 for more information.

5. Activate your PlayStation 4 as your Primary system.

By activating your PlayStation®4 as your Primary system, you are telling PSN that this is your home PS4™. Doing this has several advantages:

Your household will have access to your game purchases, and allows them to play online multi-player if you are a Plus Member.

You will have access to your game content even if you are not logged into the PlayStation Network.

Visit Activating your PlayStation 4 System as your Primary PS4 to learn more.

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