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PS4: Family Management and Parental Controls

Learn about the parental controls available on the PlayStation®4. Parental controls are available to Family Managers or Guardians to control the types of content accessible by minors on the PS4™.

Install PS3 YouTube App

An official YouTube app is now available for the PS3. With the YouTube app, you can experience YouTube in a whole new way

Trouble with PS3 AV Cable Sound / Picture

If you are experiencing sound or picture problems on a PS3 installed with an AV Cable (composite), try these troubleshooting options

Top 5 Tips for Parents with a PlayStation 4

Find the top 5 tips PlayStation® recommends to parents setting up and managing the family accounts on the PlayStation® 4.

Connect PS3 With AV Cable

This article will assist with connecting your PS3 to your television or display using AV Cables.

PS3: Master Account vs Sub Account

There are two types of PlayStation Network Accounts when on PlayStation®3 system: Master Accounts and Sub Accounts.

PS3: Set Spending Limits of Sub Accounts

Learn how to set spending limits for Sub Accounts on the PlayStation®3 system.

Creating and Deleting User Profiles on PS4

Learn how to create and delete user profiles on the PlayStation®4.

Family Account Management for the PS4

Learn more about creating and managing your family accounts on the PlayStation®4 system. Find information about tips for parents and setting up parental controls.

PlayStation System 5 Release Updates

Learn about what's new in the PlayStation®4 System 5 updates. Updates include new family account management, as well as to social features in Friends and Follow Me.