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PS4: Serial and Model Number Location

Learn where you can find the Model Number and Serial Number on the PlayStation®4.

PS3 Model and Serial Number Location

Learn how to locate the model and serial number of the PlayStation®3 system.

Upgrade the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Learn how to remove and replace the PS3 system hard disk.

DualShock 4 Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot issues related to your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.

Deactivate PlayStation Consoles Via Website

This article provides information on deactivating your consoles via our Website

Upgrade PS4 HDD

This article explains how to upgrade your PlayStation®4's Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Sony TV's With HDMI Ports That Are HDCP Compliant

This article will have information on Sony TV's that are HDCP Compliant