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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 05/06/2013

Once a Sony Entertainment Network account is created, you can not delete it. It will remain on the PlayStation Network servers forever. If you wish, you may remove it from your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system so it is no longer visible.

Removing a Sony Entertainment Network account

  1. On the XMB™, go to Users icon (Users) and log into the user that holds your Sony Entertainment Network account you want removed.
  2. With the user name highlighted, press the Triangle button icon button.
  3. Select "Delete" and the user will be deleted.

Please note that if you delete a user, all game save data earned under this user will be deleted as well, be sure to copy any game saves you wish to keep to another user. Click here for information on how to copy games saves on the PlayStation 3.

Closing a Sony Entertainment Network account

If you wish no one to access the Sony Entertainment Network account, you can also have it banned or suspended by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA).

Prior to having your account closed, you will want to deactivate your PlayStation®3 or PSP® portable entertainment system from your Sony Entertainment Network account. Click here to learn how to deactivate your system.

If you would like to use a new (different) account, you will have to create an entirely new Sony Entertainment Network account.

Important: Purchased content cannot be transferred between different Sony Entertainment Network accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, if you would like to continue accessing your purchased content, you may edit or delete your billing information as an alternative. Deleting billing information will remove credit card information without losing access to the content that you have already purchased.

If your Sony Entertainment Network Master account is closed, you will not able to access your account on the PlayStation Network. This means all of the following:

  • You will not have access to your Master Account.

  • If you have Sub Accounts associated with your Master Account, then your Sub Account holders will also not be able to access their Sub Accounts.

  • Any remaining funds in your wallet will not be returned to you.

  • Any content or services you or your Sub Accounts may have purchased that may be accessible on the PlayStation Network will not be available to you or your Sub Accounts, including any content that may have been downloaded to your PlayStation®3 system(s). Other content that may be accessible offline may be available for use after termination of your Sony Entertainment Network account if permitted under the specific terms and conditions for the content.

  • Any ranking or scores, or game related information will not be retained or accessible by you or your Sub Accounts.

  • You will not receive any refunds, or fees as a result of termination of your account. If you subsequently sign up for another Sony Entertainment Network account, your prior Online ID and the prior Online ID of your Sub Accounts may not be available to you or your Sub Accounts.