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Programming the Media / Blu-ray Disc Remote Control

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[PS3™ system] Updated 12/13/2012

This article in intended for the Media/Blu-Ray Remote only! The original Blu-ray remote (model# SCPH-98046) does not have any TV or AV amplifier support.

You can use the Media/Blu-Ray Disc Remote Control (pictured below) to operate every popular brand of TV, or a Sony-branded AV amplifier. You will need to program the remote control to operate any non-Sony TV. Only one code can be programmed into the remote at a time. Any prevously existing code will be cleared out when the new code is programmed in.

Note: Only Sony-branded AV amplifiers are supported with this product.
Press the AMP button (under DEVICES) to control the Sony Amplifier (no programming is necessary).

To program the Media / BD Remote Control:

  1. Using the table at the end of this article, locate the appropriate three-digit code from the list of supported televisions.
  2. Press the TV button (under DEVICES) and the Clear button at the same time. The light will flash, signaling that you can enter a code.
  3. Enter the three-digit code while the devices button is flashing.
  4. Press the ENTER button. The DEVICES button should light up if you've entered the code properly.
  5. Check that you can operate your TV with the remote control. If the TV button flashes five times, you'll need to select the next code for your television's manufacturer and repeat the above steps.

Setting the remote control for a TV that is not in the list of supported manufacturers

  1. Press the CLEAR button while pressing and holding down the TV Power button (top row, far right button on the remote). The TV button will flash once the buttons are released.
  2. The remote will begin scanning signals, so press the Channel + button and the TV Power button one after the other. Alternate between the two buttons until you can operate the TV.
  3. Once you're able to operate the TV, press the ENTER button. The TV button will light up if you've completed all steps correctly.

Media / BD Remote Control Television Codes