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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 01/07/2013


Question: What is Cross-Platform Play?

Answer: Cross-Platform Play (sometimes referred to as Cross-Play or Cross Play) is a feature that lets PS Vita games interact with compatible PlayStation 3 games. The type of interactivity varies by game, and not all games feature Cross-Platform Play support.

Q: What sort of interactivity does Cross-Platform Play offer?

A: Cross-Platform Play is broad term that covers any PS Vita game that has the ability to interact with the PlayStation 3 version of the same game. New and exciting ways to utilize this unique technology are continuously being introduced; here are some different examples of Cross-Platform Play:

  • Marvel Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Cross-Platform Play lets you use your PS Vita to control the PlayStation 3 version of the game.
  • Mod Nation Racers: Road Trip: PS Vita players can download and share tracks with PlayStation 3 owners.
  • Wipeout 2048: PS Vita players can compete in online races against Wipeout HD players on the PlayStation 3.
  • MLB 12 The Show: Game saves for Road to the Show, Dynasty, and Season modes can be transferred between the PS3 and PS Vita, so players can continue their career whether they're at home or on the road.

Q: Does my PS Vita game support Cross-Platform Play?

ImageA: Click this link for a list of PS Vita games that support Cross-Platform Play. You can also check the feature list on the back of the game's box. If you see an icon that looks likes the image to the right, the game supports Cross-Platform Play. You can check the game's manual, as well. 

If you purchased the game from the PlayStation Store, you can check the game manual to determine whether or not the game supports Cross-Platform Play.

Q: How do I use Cross-Platform Play?

A: It depends on the specific game and how it utilizes Cross-Platform Play. Some experiences are seemless, such as Wipeout 2048 - where the competitive multi-player lobbies are a combination of PS Vita users and PS3 users playing Wipeout HD.

Other games may require a brief inital setup before the Cross-Playform features will become available. For instance, to use your PS Vita as a Cross-Controller for LittleBigPlanet 2 on the PS3, you must complete a short setup process. Click PS Vita Cross-Controller setup for LittleBigPlanet®2 on PlayStation 3 for details.

Q: Do I need to own both the PS Vita and PS 3 versions of a game to use Cross-Platform Play?

A: This depends on the specific game and how it utilizes Cross-Platform Play. For example: You only need the PS Vita version of Wipeout 2048 to play online against PS3 players, and you only need the PS Vita version of Mod Nation Racers: Road Trip to download tracks created by PlayStation 3 players.

However, to share saved data between the PS3 version of MLB 12 The Show and your PS Vita, you will need both a PS3 copy of the game and a PS Vita copy of the game.

Q: What is Cross-Buy?

A: Cross-Buy is a special program where if you purchase a disc based version of a game, it includes a digital download. Digital downloads can be a digital version for the PS Vita, discounts, add-ons, etc.

Q: What does it mean if I get the message "The disc has already been added to another account" when trying to access Disc Benefits?

A: If you receive this message, this means the Cross-buy item has already been redeemed by another PSN account. Cross-buy content can only be used once and by one PSN account. Once redeemed, the content cannot be accessed again.