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[PlayStation®Vita] Updated 05/06/2013

With the PS Vita, you can have a password be required before being able to access the system (lock screen).  

Setting up Lock Screen

  1. On the PS Vita, tap on Image (Settings) > [Start].
  2. Scroll down and tap on [Security].
  3. Tap on [Screen Lock].
  4. Enter and verify the passcode you wish to use.
  5. After you create a passcode, you can check the box for [Confirm passcode when unlock] to have the PS Vita ask for your passcode everytime you try to unlock the system.
  6. When you attempt to unlock the screen, you will see the screen prompting you to enter your passcode.


  • You have up to 5 chance to enter the correct passcode.
  • After the 5th time, the system will not allow you to enter a passcode until after approximately 60 minutes.

Forgot Passcode

If you have forgotten your passcode, you will need to restore the PS Vita which will erase all settings on the system. This will not delete the data on your memory card. This will simply erase the Sony Entertainment Network account from the system.

  1. After you have attempted to unlock the PS Vita five times, you will be shown the "Cannot unlock the screen. Please try again later." screen. Tap "Forgot your passcode?"
  2. The option to restore the PS Vita will be given. Tap on "Restore the PS Vita System".Image
  3. A message advising you the system will be set to default valuess will be displayed. Tap on "Yes" to continue.
  4. The PS Vita will be restored and the system will restart with no passcode required to unlock the system.
  5. After you restore the system, simply log in with the same Sony Entertainment Network account and you will be able to access all data on the memory card.

    To sign in to the PSN, tap on  Image (Settings) > [PlayStation Network] > [Sign In]. Then power off the system and turn it back on. After that you should be able to access all your previous PSN content.