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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 10/11/2013

After you make a purchase on the Sony Entertainment Network Online Store, your content is added to your Download List on your Sony Entertainment Network activated device (PS3, PS Vita, etc). If you have more than one PS3 device, your content will be downloaded to all devices. Your download list is arranged in the date order, so recent purchases will be at top of the list.

You can either download your purchase yourself on your PS3 or, if you have purchased a game, you may be able to remotely download your content so that it is ready to play when you next use your PS3.

With system software update 4.50 you can also set your PlayStation 3 to automatically download purchases and new system software updates whether or not you are a member of PlayStation Plus.

You can check the status of any currently downloading content and remotely start downloads through the store when you are signed in by selecting your Online ID at the top of the screen and selecting 'Download List'.

To set automatic download:

To set your PlayStation 3 to automatically download purchases and system software updates.

  1. On the XMB™, go to settings and choose System Settings.
  2. Next select Automatic Update by pressing the X button icon button.
  3. Select "On" and press the X button icon button to continue.
  4. Choose the timeframe you would like to have the system turn on to update, and press the X button icon button to continue.
  5. Here you can check which items you would like to download during the timeframe you have choosen. Select "OK" to continue by pressing the X button icon button
  6. You have now successfully set your system to automatically download the content you selected.

Please Note: If the download file a larger file, your system will continue to stay on until the entire file is downloaded. It will shut off automatically once the download is complete.

To remote download:

You can remotely download game content directly onto your PS3 from the SEN Online Store.

  1. At the 'Thank You' page or on your Download List select 'Download to your PS3' next to the title you want to download.
  2. Provided you have opted into the Automatic Update feature, your PS3 will wake up and begin downloading at the specified time in the PS3 automatic update setting. If you have not set Automatic Update, you will be alerted that you have new content available for download when you next switch on your PS3.
  3. Once it's downloaded go to Game icon (Games) to access your new game.

To download yourself:

Along with remotely downloading content, you will always be able to download any content directly from the PS3.

  1. On the XMB™, go to PlayStation Network icon (PlayStation®Network) > Sign In PSN icon (Sign In) and sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account.
  2. Highlight Account Management icon (Account Management) and press the X button icon button.
  3. Highlight Facebook icon (Transaction Management) and press the X button icon button.
  4. Highlight [Download List] and press the X button icon button.
  5. Find the content you want to download and press the X button icon button.
  6. The item will download onto your PS3 system.
  7. Go to the appropriate section for the type of content you purchased. 
    • Games: Go to Game icon (Games)
    • Movies and TV shows: Go to Video icon (Video)
    • Music: Go to Music icon (Music)
    • Avatars: Go to PlayStation Network icon(PlayStation Network) > Account Management icon(Account Management) > [Account Information] > [Avatar].
    • Themes: Go to Settings icon (Settings) > Theme Settings icon (Theme Settings), press the X button icon button to find your theme and apply it.
    • Wallpapers: Go to Photo icon (Photo) and with the image displayed, press the Triangle button icon button, and then select [Set as Wallpaper].