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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 11/17/2014

No credit card? Having trouble adding funds to your wallet with a credit card? You can now use PayPal to fund your PSN wallet.

You can select PayPal as a payment method by visiting the Sony Entertainment Network website and logging in to your PSN account. You can also use it as a direct payment method for PlayStation Store purchases as an available funding option when browsing the store on a PlayStation system.

You still have the option of adding funds using a Credit Card or a PSN Card, but PayPal is a great option for those looking for an alternate payment method.

PayPal is available for US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina consumers.

Funding Your Wallet Using PayPal via the PS3 or PS4

  1. Add the item you'd like to purchase to your shopping cart, and choose the [Proceed to cart option].
  2. Select [Add Funds]
  3. Choose the PayPal option
  4. The web browser will open and you can choose from several different amounts to fund your wallet. Pick the amount you'd like to add and choose [Continue].
  5. Log into your PayPal account and complete the funding portion of the transaction. As an added level of security, your PayPal account information will not be stored on your SEN account.
  6. When you're finished funding your wallet you will be taken back to the store where you can complete your purchase.

Funding Your Wallet Using PayPal via the PC

  1. Visit the SEN website, and log in to your SEN account.
  2. Go to the Account tab, select Wallet, and click on "Add Funds to Wallet".
  3. Click on PayPal as your method of payment.
  4. Enter the amount of funds you want to add to your wallet in the "Funding Amount" field, then click "Continue".
  5. You will see a screen indicating that you will leave the SEN website to go to the PayPal website. Click "Continue".
  6. On the PayPal website, log in to your PayPal account and complete the transaction.
  7. After successfully completing the transaction on PayPal, you will automatically be directed back to the SEN website with the "Your transaction was successful" message.

    Due to a slight delay, there are times where you may not immediately see the newly added funds after arriving back from the PayPal site. To see the funds, simply log out from your account and log back in and your Wallet should reflect the "Funding Amount" you selected.

Messages you may see

  • Success: "Your transaction was successful."
  • Pending: "There may be a delay in processing the transaction." If you receive this message, try logging out and logging back in to your SEN account and the funds should appear.
  • Failure: "Your transaction was unsuccessful."