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[PS4™ system] Updated 06/16/2015

Sub Accounts allow users under the age of 18 to take advantage of the PSN℠, while allows parents/guardians to manage their online experience.

Parental controls for Sub Accounts can only be managed from its associated Master Account. If you do not have Master Account, you can create one for free. Refer to Master Accounts in our support Knowledge Center to learn more.

Limitations of Sub Accounts

Through the Sub Account management settings, Parents or guardians can controls can manage the following PSN features with Sub Accounts:

Chat & Messages:

  • Messages
  • Party
  • Game Alerts
  • Invitations
  • Friend Requests

User Generated Media:

  • The Share function
  • Spectating Broadcasts
  • Profile Screen
  • Activity Feeds

Refer to our Knowledge Center for more information regarding Parental Controls.

Creating A Sub Account

Sub Accounts can be created and managed through the Parental Controls setting menu.

To create a sub account on the PSN℠:

  1. Log in the PS4 user profile and sign in with your PSN master account.
  2. Go to Settings icon (Settings) > [Parental Controls] > [Sub Account Management]
  3. You will now be asked to verify your PSN account by entering in your Sign-In ID (Email Address) and Password.
  4. Next, select [Create New Sub Account], and press the X button icon  button.
  5. Read the explanation of Sub Accounts. Then, select next and press the X button icon  button.
  6. Select your child's Local User icon (Local User) profile or click [Register User] to create a new local user profile. Then press the X button icon  button.
  7. On the next screen, enter the Language and Date of Birth, and press the X button icon  button.
  8. If the child is younger than 13 years of age, you are presented with a information screen regarding your child's personal information. By selecting [Next] you will be emailed instructions from Sony Entertainment Network on how to create your child's Sub Account.

  9. Read the information on screen and press the X button icon  button to continue.
  10. Enter a valid email address and password for your child's Sub Account. Also, select the notification preferences that you wish your child to receive.
  11. Confirm and update (if necessary) the City, State/Province, and Postal Code of the Sub Account. Then, select next and press the X button icon  button.
  12. Choose the Sub Account's Avatar, Online ID, First Name, and Last Name. Then, select Next and press the X button icon  button.
  13. Select the privacy settings, social restrictions, and spending limit for the Sub Account. Then, select next and press the X button icon  button.
  14. Agree to the Terms of Service And User Agreement

Now you should see a confirmation message that your sub account has been created!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Sub Account be converted to a Master Account on PS4 once the Sub Account holder turns 18-years old?

Unfortunately, no. In this case, we would advise creating a new master account. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Does PS4 offer parental control options to restrict content to younger users?

Yes. The PS4 system's parental controls can set the control level for playing a game or application that has parental control restrictions, as well as use of the internet browser.

Also, for each Sub Account user, there are the controls over the ability to use chat and messaging features, the ability to post and view user-generated media, and the ability to control a monthly spending limit for PlayStation Store purchases. Finally, Sub Account users cannot link their account with Social Network Services or use their real name or profile picture.

More information about PS4 parental controls can be found in the PS4 Online User's Guide and our Support Knowledge Center.