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[PlayStation®Network] Updated 05/08/2015

This article provides support information on PlayStationNow, a new cloud-based game streaming service for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and select Bravia Televisions. To learn more about PlayStation Now, please visit the PlayStation Blog.

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How it works

PlayStation Now streams PS3 games directly to your device in a matter of seconds, with no need to sit and wait for the game to download.

Supported Devices

The PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and select Bravia televisions support PlayStation Now. Click here for more information about PS Now on Bravia TV's. Additional devices to be added at a later date.

The PS4 supports both individual rentals and a subscription-based model. Individual game rentals are accessed via the PlayStation Store, while monthly-subsciption games are accessed through the PS Now app on the console. To learn more about PS Now subscriptions, watch this video.

While you must sign-up for the subscription service on the PS4, once you start a game on the PS4, you can play it on any other PS Now-enabled device; to do this make sure you have played the game at least once on the PS4, then on your other device go to [PS Now] > [My PS Now Games] > [Play History] and select the game from the list.

On the PS3 and PS Vita, you simply go to the PlayStation Store and choose the PlayStation Now menu option to rent and play individual games.

Accessing the PlayStation Now Forum

If you would like to give feedback on PlayStation Now or talk with fellow gamers about the service, you can access the forum here:

If you are unable to access the forum due to forgetting your password, please refer to the following article to reset your password.

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Connection Information

For information about getting the best connection to PlayStation Now, please read this article..

Rental and Subscription Info

This article has information about how rentals work, their pricing, and more.

Game Availability

Click here for information about what games are and aren't available on PlayStation Now.

Saved Games

Learn all about how saved games work in PlayStation Now.

Synching Trophies

To learn how to sync trophies you've earned while playing PlayStation Now, please refer to this article..

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Connection Help

For information about getting the best connection to PlayStation Now, please read this article..

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PlayStation Now Support

We currently offer support for the PlayStation Now through forums and chat. Our phone agents are unable to offer assistance for the service at this time.


PS Now Forums: The forum can be accessed via


Live Chat:  Click here to chat with a PlayStation Now Specialist during business hours.