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[PS3™ system] Updated 09/29/2014

A PS4, PS3, PS Vita, or PSP system from one region has the ability to access the PlayStation Store for another region, however, the Sony Entertainment Network account must have a valid mailing address within that foreign region. Additionally, if you wish to purchase content from a specific region's PlayStation Store, you must have a credit card or debit card (with a VISA or MasterCard logo) with a billing address from the same region. Not all PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store content may operate as intended on a console that is from another region, (i.e., different language displayed, software titles may not be compatible, etc.). We do not have any information that will override these territorial restrictions.

Lastly, we cannot guarantee the functionality of the PS3 system or PSP system and access to the PlayStation Network from outside of its designated region. The PS3 system or PSP system and format software titles are only designed to run in the respective regions and countries for which it was intended. You may experience problems when you attempt to operate a system from outside its designated region and access the PlayStation Network.

Access to a region's PlayStation Store is determined by the country associated with the Sony Entertainment Network account. The PlayStation console will automatically direct the Sony Entertainment Network account to the corresponding region's PlayStation Store. Also, once a Sony Entertainment Network account is created, you will not be able to modify the country tied to that account. If your country is not listed, we apologize but PlayStation Network access is not currently supported in your country at this time.

Please Note: At this time military addresses (APO and overseas military addresses) are currently not available for use as a valid address on the PlayStation Network.

If you have questions regarding setting up the PlayStation Network for regions outside of North America, click here to select your country. For consumers from the African region, please contact Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). If you are unable to locate your country or region on the global PlayStation website, we apologize for any inconvenience. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) may not have authorized distribution centers for PlayStation® products in your region at this time.

Please Note: You must adhere to your region's PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and End User License Agreement when accessing the PlayStation Network.