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[PS3™ system] Updated 05/06/2013

Safety Precautions

For safety reasons, before cleaning the system or connected accessories, disconnect the AC power cord from the electrical outlet.


Please review the Safety and Support manual for proper use, handling and maintenance of the PlayStation 3 (manual included with the PlayStation 3 system and available for download from PlayStation 3 Manuals).


It is important to maintain your PlayStation 3 system by keeping the vents on the system free of dust. Because dust can accumulate in the vents of the PlayStation 3 system, we recommend that you check the vents periodically (and clean them if necessary). After turning off your system and unplugging it from the electrical outlet, you may remove any accumulated dust with the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner or with a small handheld vacuum.
Important Note: Do not use compressed air to blow out your system. This can cause the dust in the vents to be blown into the PlayStation 3 which could possibly damage your system.

Exterior Surface

When maintaining the exterior surface of the PlayStation 3 and the SIXAXISTM wireless controller, it is recommended to wipe using a clean soft cloth, free of any cleansers or product.


We do not recommend the use of any type of lens cleaner. Instead, we only recommend cleaning your discs using lint-free "CD wipes" found at your local software stores. When cleaning the discs, start at the innermost circle and wipe towards the edge in a straight line. We do not recommend wiping in a circular motion, as it may scratch on the disc.