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[PlayStation®2 system] Updated 09/25/2013

There are two DVD Remote Controls for the PlayStation 2 system:
Note: Both of the DVD Remote Controls are no longer manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). Also, the DVD Remote Control is not compatible for use with the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system as the PlayStation 3 does not have an IR receiver.

DVD remote control (for PlayStation®2) with IR Receiver Unit - SCPH-10171

SCPH-10171 has been discontinued

  • Compatibility
    The SCPH-10171 is compatible with all models of the PlayStation 2 system.
  • Features/Items
    The packaging for this peripheral contains the following items:
    • 1 DVD Remote Control (for PlayStation 2)
    • 1 IR Receiver Unit (for PlayStation 2) 1 DVD Driver Disc
  • Click here to read the manual.

DVD remote control (for PlayStation®2) - SCPH-10420

  • Compatibility
    • The SCPH-10420 is compatible with the SCPH-50000, SCPH-70000, and SCPH-90000 series PlayStation 2 system.
    • The SCPH-10420 is compatible with the SCPH-30000 series PlayStation 2 systems only if you already have an IR receiver and the appropriate software. However, the Power/Reset, and Eject buttons will not function with these models of the PlayStation 2 system.
      Please note that if you own an SCPH-30001 and SCPH-35001 model PlayStation 2 system, you will need a licensed Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) to install the DVD Driver (the DVD Driver requires 2.2 MB of space).
  • Features/Items
    The SCPH-10420 contains the following features:
    • Power/Reset button
    • Eject button
      Please note that you cannot open or close the disc cover of the SCPH-70000 series PlayStation 2 system by using the Eject button of the DVD Remote Control.
  • Click here to read the manual.