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  • Change and Reset Password [multiple]
    This article will instruct you on how to change your password via PS4, PS3, PS Vita, or PC. Choose the answer from the left-hand column that matches your situation, and then...
  • PSN Status: Online [PlayStation®Network]
    The PlayStation Network is currently: Online If there are issues with the PlayStation Network, there will be an alert ticker at the top of the Knowledge Center page, similar...
  • PS4: Error Codes [PS4™ system]
    This article provides descriptions and actions for certain PS4 error codes. Press Ctrl F to bring up a search box in your browser. Then enter the error code you're looking...
  • Activate / Deactivate a System on the PlayStation®Network [PlayStation®Network]
    This article explains how to activate or deactivate a PlayStation system. The entire process has been streamlined for the PlayStation 4, so please refer to our article on...
  • Reset PSN Password using the PS3 [PS3™ system]
    If you do not know your password, you must have the following information in order to use your PS3 to reset your PlayStation Network password: PlayStation Network Sign-in ID...