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There are two options for downloading digital content, like games, game add-ons, themes, and avatars, from the PlayStation Store. The first is downloading directly from the PlayStation 4 Library and the second is remotely from the PlayStation Web Store. The two options are below, including the steps to follow.

Download from the PS4™ Library

Step 1: Go to the PS4 Library Purchased section.
Step 2: Find the game and press the X button on the controller.
Step 3: On the next screen, select Download to download the game. For downloadable game content (add-ons, themes and avatars) highlight PlayStation Store and press the X button to find and download the content in question.
Step 4: Once downloaded, the game will appear on the PS4™ Home screen.

Remotely Download from the PlayStation Web Store

You also go to the web version of the PlayStation Store and remotely download to your primary PS4™.

Step 1: From web browser, go to the PlayStation Store  and sign-in with your PSN account.
Step 2: Find the Download List under your profile name.
Step 3: Find the digital content you want to download and click the Download to your PS4 button.


Set Automatic Downloads to Your PS4™

Ensure your PS4 turns on automatically when new digital content downloads are available by Enabling Automatic Downloads.

Want to Learn More About Downloading Content on Your PS4™? 

Watch our PS4™ Digital Games playlist on our YouTube channel, covering topics:
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Watch the full playlist below:




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