Download and Use PlayStation Store Content on PS3

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To Download Manually

  1. On the XMB™, go to [PlayStation®Network] > [Sign In] and sign in to your PlayStation Network account.

  2. Highlight [Account Management] and press the [X] button.

  3. Highlight [Transaction Management] and press the [X] button.

  4. Highlight [Download List] and press the [X] button.

  5. Find the content you want to download and press the [X] button.

  6. The item will download onto your PS3 system.

  7. Go to the appropriate section for the type of content you purchased.
    • Games: Go to [Games]
    • Movies and TV shows: Go to [Video]
    • Music: Go to [Music]
    • Avatars: Go to [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Avatar].
    • Themes: Go to [Settings] > [Theme Settings], press the [X] button to find your theme and apply it.
    • Wallpapers: Go to [Photo] and with the image displayed, press the [X] button, and then select [Set as Wallpaper]. 

To Set Automatic Download

  1. On the XMB™, go to [Settings] and choose [System Settings].

  2. Select Automatic Update by pressing the [X] button. 

  3. Select [On] and press the [X] button. 

  4. Choose the timeframe you would like to have the system turn on to update and press the [X] button. 

  5. Check the items to download during the time frame you have chosen. Select [OK] to continue by pressing the [X] button 

  6. The system is now set to automatically download the content selected. 
Please Note: If the download file is a larger file, your system will continue to stay on until the entire file is downloaded. It will shut off automatically once the download is complete.  

To Remote Download

  1. Setup automatic downloads to your PS3.
  2. Sign into your PSN Account on and select [Download List] to find the PS3 game you want to remote download.
  3. Select [Download to PS3] to start the process.
  4. If you have setup the Automatic Update feature, your PS3 will wake up and begin downloading at the specified time in the PS3 automatic update setting. If you have not set Automatic Update, you will be alerted that you have new content available for download when you next turn on your PS3.
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