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How Does PlayStation 2-Step Verification Work?

Once 2-Step Verification (2SV) is enabled, when you log in with your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account you will be texted a code that is required to sign in to your account.

How 2SV Benefits You

  • Adds an extra layer of account security.

  • Because a verification code is texted to your phone, only you can log into your SEN account.

What You Need for 2SV

  • Mobile phone that receives texts and only you have access to. 

  • SEN account

Pick the Right Mobile Phone Number to Use for 2SV

  • Gets text messages

  • Only you own and only you use

  • You use regularly and keep with you

Troubleshooting PlayStation 2SV Issues

I want to Turn 2SV Off

  1. Check to see if you are logged in on one of your PlayStation® devices, PS App, or websites.

  2. If logged into your PlayStation®4 system, go to Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Security > 2-Step Verification > Status > change status to Inactive.

  3. If logged into your account on the web, go to the Account tab > Security > click on the 2-Step Verification link at the bottom of the Security page > select Edit Status > click the Deactivate button > Yes to confirm choice.

  4. To confirm your Deactivation, you will be sent a text to your mobile phone and an email to the email address associated with the account.


Didn’t Receive a Verification Code When Trying to Log In?

From your PS4™, at the Sign In screen, login and select Resend Code. You should receive a text within 5-10 minutes.

Received a 2SV Text Message Unexpectedly?

If you receive a Verification Code that you haven’t asked for, change your password immediately. See How to Reset Your PSN Account Password for instructions.

I Don't Have My Mobile Phone Anymore

If your mobile phone is replaced, lost or stolen, try these steps:

  1. From your PS4™ at the login screen for your account, press Triangle for Trouble Receiving Code? found at the bottom of the screen> Cannot Access Mobile Phone.

  2. Select Sign In Using Backup Code.

  3. Enter one of your 10 Backup Codes. Each code can only be used once.For more information about how to create Backup Codes, see the section below.

Tried Everything?

If you don't know your login and password or you feel like your account has been compromised, see How to Get Support from PlayStation.

How to Generate Backup Codes from PS4 or Website

When you activate 2SV, 10 backup codes will generate for you to use in case you can’t receive a Verification Code text from us. You may need backup codes if your phone can’t receive texts, or the phone is lost or stolen.

  1. From the PS4™ main menu, go to Settings > Account Management

  2. Account Information > Security > Enter Sign-In Information

  3. 2-Step Verification > Backup Codes

  4. Write down your backup codes for future use.

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