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What is 2-Step Verification?

2-Step Verification (2SV) adds an extra layer of account security. When you activate 2SV, you can choose to sign out of PlayStation Network on all your devices, so make sure you know your account password and sign-in ID before switching it on.

When 2SV is activated and you sign in on your PS4, Xperia, web browser or PlayStation App (PS App), you are asked for:

  1. Account password and sign-in ID (email address), and
  2. A verification code that we text to your authorized mobile phone (we only use your mobile number for account security).

When you sign in on any other PlayStation system or Sony device you are asked for:

  1. Account sign-in ID (email address), and
  2. Device setup password.

When you need to sign-in with 2SV

You need to sign-in with 2SV:

  • When you first sign-in to PSN after enabling 2SV.
  • When you sign-in to PSN after signing-out.
  • Every time you sign-in to PSN if auto sign-in is switched off.
  • Occasional security checks when signing-in on web browser/PS App.

You do not need to sign-in with 2SV if:

  • 2SV is switched off.
  • Automatic sign-in is enabled and you have previously signed-in with 2SV.
  • You are signed-into PSN and you are accessing account management (you only need your account password).
  • Password at Checkout is switched on and you are making a PlayStation Store purchase (you only need your account password).

2SV and auto sign-in

If auto sign-in is enabled on a device, other people with access to it may be able to access your account details and content. You should switch off auto sign-in if you:

  • Have content on your account that you do not want younger people in your household to access.
  • Are giving your device to someone.
  • Are sending it to SIEA for service.
  • Need to return it to the retailer.

To avoid account access in these cases, switch 2SV off and back on again.

How to switch 2SV on or off

Choose the device you will be using for full instructions:

How to sign-in after 2SV has been switched on

Choose the device you will be using to sign into your account for full instructions:

What are the 2SV codes and passwords for?

Verification code

We send you a verification code to authorize your mobile number to receive 2SV texts and, after 2SV is activated, we text you a verification code every time you sign-in on:

  • PS4
  • Web browser
  • PS App
  • Xperia
Device Setup Password

If you have 2SV switched on, your PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, or Xperia devices need to be authorized using a Device Setup Password before you can sign-in. You need to generate a new device setup password to authorize a new device or for re-authorizing a device. You can use the same device setup password every time you sign in on that device.

Backup codes

If you can’t receive a verification code, you can use a backup code to sign-in on PS4 or web/PS App. Make sure you keep a copy of your Backup codes in a safe place. See our Help with 2-Step Verification issues article for more help with this.

Account password

This is your usual account password. You need it to access account management functions once you are signed in on any device and for the first step of 2SV sign-in on:

  • PS4
  • Web browser
  • PS App
  • Xperia
You do not need your account password to sign in on any other device -- only the device setup password.
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