PS3: Master Account vs Sub Account

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Master Accounts

  • Master Accounts are the standard type of account used on the PlayStation Network.
  • Master Accounts can be created by registered users of the PlayStation Network that are 18 year old or older.
  • Master Account holders can adjust parental control settings such as monthly spending limits or restrictions on voice / video chat for associated Sub Accounts.
  • Master Account can have a total of six sub account associated with it simultaneously .

Sub Accounts

  • Sub Accounts must be created based for users under 18 years old.
  • Sub Accounts must be created in association with a Master Account.
  • Some sub account activities can be monitored by the associated Master Account holder.
  • Sub account holders cannot create wallets but can make use of the associated Master Account's wallet to pay for products and services.
  • The settings of a Sub Account can be initially set up when the Sub Account is created and later edited by the associated Master Account.
  • Once a sub account holder becomes 18, you can graduate to a Master Account at
  • If you are using a PlayStation 4, check out our PS4: Family Management and Parental Controls and How to Create a Child Account on Your PS4 articles for more information.
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