PS4: Family Management and Parental Controls

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Under Parental Control/Family Management options, you can set controls in two areas: at the system level and at the user level. 

Settings Applied to all PS4™ System Users

Set a System Restriction Passcode

Add an extra layer of security for your PS4™ System by setting a System Restriction Passcode. This prevents other users from logging into your account to make changes to parental controls or view unauthorized content.

To set a System Restriction Passcode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings >  Parental Controls/Family Management 
Step 2: Select PS4 System Restrictions. You will be prompted to enter the default passcode before changing to a new one.

Prevent New User Creation and Guest  Login

You can allow or disallow people to login as a guest or register as a new user on the PS4 system.

Add a Web Filtering Service

This fee-based service, applies web filtering to internet browsing to block harmful websites from being accessed.

Family Management

Set Parental Controls for Individual Child Family Accounts

Step 1: Go to  Settings >  Parental Controls/Family Management
Step 2:  Select the child user you want to apply Parental Controls to.

Default Parental Control Options Include

Restrict Age Level for Games

All PlayStation®4 games are rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) to help parents understand the content in a game. You can use these ratings in conjunction with the PS4™'s parental controls to restrict access to minors. The lower the level, the tighter the control.

Restrict Blu-ray discs and DVD movies

You can set the age restriction for playing both Blu-ray and DVD discs individually. The lower the level (1-10), the tighter the control.

Restrict Use of PlayStation® VR

You can allow or disallow options for use of PlayStation® VR. PlayStation® VR is not for use by children under 12 years.

Restrict Use of Internet Browser

You can completely disable the PS4™ 's Internet Browser from launching.

Restrict Communication with Other Players

You can disable child users from communicating via chat, messages, or displaying and entering comments for friend requests and game invitations.

Restrict Viewing Content Created by Other Players

You can block videos, images, and text created by other users from view.

Age Filtering for PlayStation® Store Content

Hide games and game features based on your child's age.

Set Monthly Spending Limits

Set the monthly maximum amount of money a child user can spend in the PlayStation® Store.

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