PlayStation Video Compatible Devices

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PlayStation™Video Availability

  • PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Systems through PlayStation®Store

  • Web browsers1

  • Android devices

  • iOS Devices

  • BRAVIA TVs (for models older than 2012 the service will be named Video Unlimited)

  • Sony Blu-ray Disc players and Home Theatre Systems (for models older than 2012 the service will be named Video Unlimited)

  • Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV

To check if the service is available for a specific product model, please refer to Simply locate the product you are interested in and refer to the overview section to discover if PlayStation™Video is enabled.

See the table below for an overview of the service on each device.

Table depicting PS Video availability by device or platform.

1 Most web browsers are supported, please see Download Or Stream PlayStation™Video To A PC/MAC for a complete list.​
2Video content purchase on PS3 is now discontinued. You can still watch on your PS3 any content previously purchased on PS3, including content in 3D format.

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